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About our company

Established in 1984 the founder David had a vision and a goal to influence the market and change the world of every life it encounters. Every job we apply this vision using our many years of experience to deliver a personal service. Monique his wife having also given birth to their son Robert has been alongside David pioneering the way. 18yrs later Robert joined his father in their quest to change lives one pipe at a time.

We have a hope to change the Plumbing world not only for those who diligently work in its service but for those who have the joy of experiencing us at work. Water, a life-giving force is seldom appreciated until it is taken away. Our workmanship ensures that the loss of this force is shortly endured and quickly restored.

With many years of experience in the industry, we enjoy continued learning. Our firm belief is knowledge equals power and find joy in the application of this knowledge. We look to empower our employees and grow them both personally and professionally. Our employees take pride in their work and strive to service with excellence. 


We take pride in having produced a number of qualified plumbers and continue to invest in the development of our staff. With Brooklyn plumbers, you have the confidence in knowing of the many years of knowledge at the disposal of each job. Each job is unique and requires a different approach, our teams enjoy taking on the challenge to provide a quality service on every job.

Our greatest accomplishment is the privilege to serve our clients for 40 years. 

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